Update: January 17, 2011

A message from Brick Williams:
It's always tough to see a band member go, but we made a great album with Eric, and luckily Brian has decided to join Hourglass and be part of the next album. Brian has actually been playing with us for a quite a while now, and has been involved in all the writing for the next album. As far as the album, we are making good progress and are neck deep in the writing stage. We have 5 songs mostly completed, aside from vocal melodies. There is no time frame yet for a release date, and our plan is just to continue writing until we have what we feel is an album's worth of material. Then we will hit the recording studio.

A message from Eric Blood:
Hi all, I've been asked to write a little blurb about why I decided to leave Hourglass. First of all, I just want to say that I think the members of Hourglass are some of the most talented musicians that I've had the privilege to play with in my short career as a bass player. I've learned so much from playing with them. But I had been feeling for awhile that I wanted to go in a different direction with the music that I was writing and playing. On top of that I had become very burnt out and was on the verge of quiting music altogether by the time that Oblivious to the Obvious was released. Both of these things compounded into my decision to leave the band. All of the other members have been extremely supportive of my decision to leave, and for that I feel nothing but love and gratitude for them. They have been my brothers in arms and I would not be the player that I am today if I hadn't joined Hourglass. I wish them all the best and wait with rapt attention for new music from a great progressive metal band.

A message from Brian Hancock:
From starting as a fan of Hourglass I'm very excited to be accepted in becoming a member of this band. I'm looking forward to working with such a talented group of musicians to help create more of the great music that this band has delivered to the masses. Eric Blood has definitely left some big shoes to fill and I hope that the fans of this band will accept me for who I am and what I contribute to the music of Hourglass. What is for certain is that I will put my all into this project and will continue to do so as we as a band do what we love doing! Making music!