Comments About Jerry's Departure

11 years ago I sat in a music theory class among band geeks and vocal performance majors in a conservative western college. I was 17 years old, looked young for my age, and probably looked even younger as I sat next to my fellow students who were well into their twenties. Prior to attending Utah Valley University, I had attended a private music school where school almost exclusively consisted of jamming with friends. I knew little of turning in assignments, getting grades, and meeting new people. I was certainly out of my element and it probably showed.

A couple days into music theory, a tall guy with long jet-black curly hair, jeans, and a black t-shirt came up to me after class and said, "Hey man, I'm Brick". With a name like Brick and this look, I knew Brick wasn't an oboe player. "What kind of music do you listen to?", Brick asked. "Rock", I timidly replied, "mostly 70's stuff, a style called progressive rock". A series of "coincidences" followed. Brick not only listened to the same stuff, he had a band that played it. They needed a keyboard player. I played keys. Hourglass's drummer was on his way out. My friend John happened to be the most qualified drummer imaginable. Not before long, we were writing A Journey Into, regularly playing shows and recording albums.

We would play in various basements and garages for hours longer than planned. We were having those moments that you hear musicians talk about, where you get together and just play. The type of playing that gives you goose bumps. The type of playing that you didn't know you were capable of. The type of playing that reminds you why you chose music.

Those first years with Hourglass didn't only change my musical life, but most other facets of my life as well. The involvement with Brick, John, and the rest of Hourglass was instrumental in helping me permanently stop a lifestyle that was destroying my life and focus on things that ultimately changed the essence of who I was. It was with Hourglass that I started to grow into myself. Hourglass has been worth every moment.

And alas, I regretfully admit that I must move on from those days that I truly loved. I have moved across the country to Washington DC and attend law school at George Washington University. Here I will study other things, but I will still continue the growth that I experienced with Hourglass.

As I end the period of my life with Hourglass, I want to take this moment to formally thank Hourglass and, even more, the fans for a great decade. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for every concert, every applause, for every listen. I have been honored to play with and for you. I am grateful for the time that we haven't only rocked together, but created music and art. For all of this thank you. And good luck to the future endeavors of Hourglass - I'm sure they'll rock harder than ever.

Until we meet again, keep on rockin' in the free world.


Well I can't say that it is a surprise that Jerry has left the band. He told us long ago that this would be happening as his intention was always to pursue law school. Nonetheless, it still sucks when it finally happens. I guess the biggest reason it sucks is because we have lost a great song writer. I have many fond memories of time spent with Jerry working on "The Journey Into" album. The two of us spent many hours working on just the first few minutes of the song "The Journey Into" since it was going to be for our final to graduate from the music theory classes we were taking in college together. That album, as well as "Oblivious to the Obvious", turned out great in large part to Jerry's contributions. He understood right from the beginning what we were trying to sound like and he helped us become the band that we are now. Not only that but John Dunston would not be the drummer for Hourglass if not for Jerry. So thank you Jerry for all your amazing contributions to Hourglass and best of luck to you in all of your pursuits.

That being said, we need a new keyboardist. A seemingly impossible task indeed. Keyboards in a progressive metal band, a very tough thing to obtain. So this is a casting call to any and all interested in playing keyboards for us. Contact us at if you are interested in auditioning. We have already begun the search, but we want to find the right person for the spot.

Just to update everyone on where we stand right now, the next Hourglass album is coming along great. All the lyrics are written (something I prefer before the music is written) and the music is coming along great. Brian, John and I have been working on the music for quite some time now and I'll just tell you that this album is a little heavier than previous albums so far. People are going to have their jaws hitting the ground when they hear some of the drum parts John has been coming up with. Looking like we will have 7 songs and 5 of them are pretty much done aside from solos and vocal melodies, and of course keyboards are missing still. One of the 5 is a two part song that is one of the heaviest things we have ever written. Each time we get together to write, something great ends up being written and we are really excited to move forward with this album, but we need a keyboardist. Mike will get more involved once we have the music done and we will start working on vocal melodies with him.

Also a big thanks to all of our fans, in particular all of their support for "Oblivious to the Obvious". We know that it is a mammoth album and we are amazed at how well received it has been and we truly appreciate all the kind words that have been spoken about the album.