Hourglass Update

Well, an update is way overdue about where things stand in Hourglass right now. We are still working on the next album and progress is consistent. Slow, but consistent. The biggest news though is that Eric Robertson will be playing keyboards on the next Hourglass album. Those of you who are fans of our "Subconscious" album will recognize that Eric was the keyboardist on that album and we are absolutely thrilled that he is willing to work with us on the upcoming album. I personally can't wait to hear what he can add to the songs we have written. So far we have six new songs that we have written guitar, bass and drums for. One of those songs is a two part song and should clock in around the 25 minute mark or so. We have been in the process of recording a demo with all the guitar, bass and drum parts so that Eric can work on keyboards and then I'll be able to start writing guitar solos, and Michael will be able to start working on vocal melodies. The plan is to write one more song and then start figuring out when to hit the studio and begin recording. I already have the lyrics for the song and Brian and I have several ideas for the music, and I know Eric is always full of great musical ideas. John and I actually worked on the song long ago and I must say it was one of the most memorable band practices of my life.

Thanks for being patient with us slowpokes. I suppose at this point Hourglass fans have just learned that patience is part of the deal to be an Hourglass fan. We will reward you with a killer album at the end, I promise.

Brick Williams