Vantage Point - from "The Journey Into"

Searching for the dreams of my life
I don't know if I'll find them again
looking for the doorway of time
I don't know if I'll see it again

Finding all the meaning in life
can't keep asking my will not to bend
seeing it's not a matter of time
can't keep asking the question of when

In the light of the dawn's embrace
I arrive in this time and place
I've searched for now, I've searched for then
it's all been lost and found again

From this vantage point I see
the world spread out in front of me
all that I have searched to find
has been revealed to keep in mind
and from this vantage point I see
the trials of tomorrow confronting me
all that's left for me to find
will be revealed and kept in mind

Moving through an ocean of fire
the ship I sail is turning to ash
standing atop a mountain of sand
searching for heaven in a desolate land

Believing in the choices I've made
never asking the question of why
receiving all that's coming my way
the worst I can do is to try

Welcome to the time of your life
it's been ticking away from the start
and now the highest peak is reached
the best you could do was to play your part

When all is said and done
as you walk into the setting sun
remember how the wheels have turned
and keep in mind all that you've learned