MP3 clips from "Oblivious to the Obvious":

Oblivious to the Obvious

Disc 1

On the Brink (Clip 1)
On the Brink (Clip 2)
Homeward Bound
Pawn II
38th Floor (Clip 1)
38th Floor (Clip 2)
38th Floor (Clip 3)

Disc 2

Delirium (instrumental)
Oblivious to the Obvious
      Part 1 - No Chance
      Part 2 - Realization
      Part 3 - Remember Me
      Part 4 - In My Hands
      Part 5 - Redemption (instrumental)

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MP3 clips from "Subconscious":


The Hammer's Strike
Altered State
Mists of Darkness
      Part 1. The Mist (instrumental)
      Part 2. Washed Away
      Part 3. Silent Suffering
Thread the Needle
Exit Wounds
      Part 1. Farewell
      Part 2. The Soldier
      Part 3. The Unbeliever
      Part 4. Daddy's Little Girl
      Part 5. The Believer
      Part 6. Widowed
      Part 7. The Soldier Alive

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MP3 clips from "The Journey Into":The Journey Into

Vantage Point
Plains of Remembrance
      Part 1. Onto the Plains
      Part 2. Change Beginning
      Part 3. For You
The Circle Breaks
Not My Time
The Journey Into
      Part 1. The Barrier Falls
      Part 2. Recklessness
      Part 3. The Road Down
      Part 4. Where I Stand in the Light
      Part 5. The Raging Storm (instrumental)
      Part 6. Deliverance

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